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About Us

We are just like you, a group of moms, dads, young adults and seniors. We come from a diverse background of homemakers, office workers, engineers, accountants, teachers and many more. The one thing we have in common is that we have a deep desire to bring to Needham a place where we can all come together, to meet for our athletics, to meet with our social and community groups, to work on our fitness and health and to enjoy as families and community members.

How it all started

In 2010 a small group Needham residents got together at a local café to chat about the need for a new Town pool. The Community Center of Needham grew out of that meeting of concerned citizens into an established non-profit organization (without walls) working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to achieve its goals to have year-round swimming and increased recreational space for Needham residents.

How Does the CCN Work?

The CCN is a non-profit, membership organization governed by a board of directors. Anyone who shares our mission may join as a member at- large, or volunteer their time to work on one of our various committees. The role of the CCN is, first, to educate and engage members of our community about these needs and gain their input on what matters most to them. Secondly, we will convene key partners from the community, government and the private sector to come up with a plan to address these needs in a timely manner. Lastly, we will mobilize the community to action and bring about new resources to make this vision become a reality!

Board Members

Nancy Sterling Co-President

Ellen Dudley - Co-President

Gary DeMaria - Treasurer / Director


Arthur Cantor

Emily Mollerus

Joanne Ochalla

Georgina Ruetenick

Debra Whitney

Patricia Day

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Board Alumni

Joanne Ochalla

Amy Hurley

Maicharia Weir Lytle

Stuart Chandler

Katy Dirks

Yasue Keyes

Debra Whitney

Georgina Ruetenick

Peter Goldberg

Maddie Mollerus

Alison Atallah

Liz O'Connell

Polly Danieleski

Lucas Goldman

MaryAnn Joyce

Arden Marin

Michael Mutter

Andrew Noble

Karen Shannon

Alex Sherry

Bill Woodman