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Working Committees

The Community Center of Needham group has organized into the following working committees.
If you share our vision, and would consider helping in any of these areas, please contact us!


This committee is responsible to bring resources, cash or in-kind, to our stated goals. This committee will follow through with leads on contributions, cultivate donor relationships and potential contacts and Create innovative opportunities for giving.


This committee is responsible for overseeing the financial processes, including..
  • Accounting
  • Fiscal management
  • Balance sheets
  • Accurate financial reporting
The Treasurer will co-chair this committee, which works closely with the accountant.

Facility and programming

This committee is responsible for identifying potential sites for a community center as well as evaluating the feasibility of sites that are presented to our group.

Community and Government Relations

This group will oversee and manage stakeholders, individuals and organizations, with whom we to partnership and outreach. Identify, maintain open communicative relationships with governmental bodies and elected and appointed officials. Nurture existing community relationships and look for opportunities to develop new partnerships which will further the goals of the CCN

Communications and Marketing

This group will be responsible for overseeing and implementing unpaid media (public relations) and paid media (advertising) and website and social media communications. Will also manage issues of branding.


This committee is responsible for recruiting and sustaining members within our organization. With the goal of significantly increasing the number of supporters of theCCN and educating and mobilizing them for action, this committee will work closely with all other committees to support their work.