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Why are we doing this?

CCN, Inc. was formed to address pressing needs in our community.
These needs are:

  • Year-round swimming capacity to support the general Needham community with teaching and recreational pools, as well as a practice site for the Needham Sharks, and the Needham High School swim teams.
  • A safe place for youth to go to build community and engage in activities that promote healthy youth development.
  • Accessible recreational space to involve all sectors of the community in wellness and community building activities.

Why Build a Community Center?

This new center would be the hub of community life in Needham, engaging and benefiting residents of all ages, from young children to seniors. Instead of Needham families and athletes going to other towns to meet their needs, our new center would attract residents from other towns and bring in revenue to help maintain the facility.

Who would benefit...

All Residents

Residents of Needham will have an affordable way to meet their health and recreation goals and a place to congregate and spend time with their families and community.


Promoting child safety, health and combating childhood obesity are major priorities for municipalities, schools and families. Children will benefit from having open space to practice and play outside of their sports leagues.


The center will offer a safe meeting place for Needham teens to study, socialize, and participate in recreational activities.


Athletes of all ages will be able to engage in recreational and competitive sports in their own town and swim in a regulation-size swimming pool. Needham will be able to have a year-round swim team, the high school swimmers will have their own pool to swim in with low fees and elite athletes will have a state-of-the-art pool in which to compete.


The CCN will support intergenerational engagement, benefiting both seniors and all others in the community - to further reduce isolation, encourage community building and promote better health and well-being among seniors. The health facilites such an indoor walking track and pool would encourage regular exercise.

Town of Needham

In addition to meeting multiple needs that exist in the town at the moment, a new community center will generate many opportunities for revenue. Some examples are: leasable space, expanded programming and lessons, and membership sales.